Easy test for REAL CAPACITY of lithium ion rechargeable batteries

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Easy test for REAL CAPACITY of lithium ion rechargeable batteries


We often see different brands of 18650 lithium battery, with capacity of 2200mAh ,3000 mAh , 4000mAh , or even 5000 mAh ; red or blue. So, does the capacity really have that much?
Lets have a simple test. We have the most common 4 batteries in the market:
Ppower Pbe 2600mah,
XXXXXfire 3000mah,
XXXXXfire 4000mah,
Unknown brand 5000mah
1. First of all, we completely discharge 4 batteries
2. Insert the batteries into the charger
3. After 3-5 hours, 4 batteries are completely charged
4. LCD display will show the actual capacity it charged for the battery (normally there will be 50-100 mAh discrepancy)
The results show:
Ppower claims capacity 2600mah -> actual capacity (2718mah)
XXXXXfire claims capacity 3000mah -> actual capacity (912mah)
XXXXXfire claims capacity 4000mah -> actual capacity (1150mah)
Unknown brand claims capacity 5000mah -> actual capacity (1047mah)

If you have time, you can try to place the testing at home.

In fact, 18650 lithium battery temporarily technically have 2600-2700mah or so, For some well-known brands from Japan can reach to 3400mah-3600mah (but have to pay attention to the market is also full of counterfeit goods); so please pay attention when make the purchases!

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*In the video, We use fast track mode when playing the “charging” slot, and because of the less capacity inside of the other 18650 batteries, it doesn’t take much time to fully charge them.



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